Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lit up like a Christmas tree

I have spent a bit of time with John and Noel getting all tuned up ready for the season and my engine is running like a top. New spark plugs, points checked, carburettor cleaned and so forth. We went for a short run last Sunday morning to check it out and I was purring along beautifully.

Over winter Murray purchased some new tail-lights for me. They are made of some new fangled gizmos called el ee dees or LEDs. They certainly were not around in my day. Here is a picture that Murray took with the job half done. (Both lights are illuminated.)

So now we will be able to go out at night and people will be able to see us clearly. The brake lights are very bright.

Murray had a few hassles fitting the first one after drilling some holes where the instructions indicated he found that the D-Lamp could not close so he had to move the mounting points back to allow the lights to clear the lens retaining springs. Then the rear of the new light fouled on the lamp body so he had to file the new light mounting board down to gently and carefully allow the lamp to close .

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