Saturday, May 16, 2009

Off to the Nether regions

Outstanding in my field, sums up todayLate on Tuesday night, Murray ordered a new regulator for me from Holden Vintage & Classic Ltd and it was on his desk first thing Thursday morning. Murray thought that was absolutely first class service.

So, on Friday afternoon he removed my original regulator and fitted the new one; a reproduction unit that looks exactly like the old one but made of newer materials. When he had finished, we went for a quick spin around the block and it appeared to be working as a regulator should.

The pub in Cuddington was closedSo, today we set off from London for Nether Winchendon, in Buckinghamshire out near Aylesbury. It meant we got to go out past the Chalfonts along the A413 which is one of my favourite routes out of London.

And, if I may say so myself, I performed superbly. The new regulator worked as it should, even coping with a spell of rain requiring the windscreen wipers to be used. In fact, the rain was quite heavy for a time but the new regulator meant that my battery could cope with the extra load and the new wiper blades that Murray had fitted recently meant that he could see to drive.
Checking out the wisteria in Denham
It was a great day out; it is such a shame that this problem was not resolved before last weekend so that I could have enjoyed the Spring Run.

Murray still thinks I drink too much water: 2.5 litres for the trip today.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh no! Not again

Sue's bearIt was time for me to meet up with the gang again at the Annual Spring Run. Murray had been very diligent and with the aid of the lads at Bewley Motors had decided that the rough running was due to my regulator not working and not allowing the battery to charge, thus not providing enough oomph to allow the spark plugs to perform properly at higher speeds.

Jack & Molly pass the ice-cream vendorOn Saturday morning he collected me and the regulator was working fine. So, we all set off for Winchcombe where the dinner was to be held. We got as far as Oxford when my regulator stopped working and the rough running returned.

Winner of the best YA at the Run
It was clear I was not going to make it through the weekend so Murray turned me round and we headed back to London.

And then, horror of horrors, they went off to 'my' weekend with that ghastly new upstart 'Crystal'. Oh the shame of it all!

Three Y's returning home from the RunApparently they had a great time, there was wonderful weather and a great turn-out of Y Types and new friends to be made. Murray and Christine did the Y Spring Run in the TF and thoroughly enjoyed themselves even if they must have looked horribly out of place in the wrong type of car.