Friday, April 30, 2010

A milestone

Murray came and collected me from my winter storage at the beginning of the month and was told that the oil and water had been checked.

So off we set for London and about a mile down the road there was the smell of burning oil: "Clumsy, he spilt some oil, oh well the smell will go" and on we went.

Not very much further on I was engulfed in clouds of blue smoke. Time for a hasty stop at a very convenient pull-off.

Murray was under the bonnet in quick time to see the oil filler cap not in place and oil being thrown in all directions. The problem was easily rectified and we drove on in a blue cloud as the oil burnt off.

At least the underseal has been done for this season.

A few miles later Murray noticed that the windscreen was covered in water drops but the day was fine. Another stop to firmly tighten the radiator cap which was not even hand tight.

Hey ho! But we made it home OK and my odometer ticked over 111000 as we neared home.

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