Saturday, July 18, 2009

Going wild

On the 'tour' at AldburyI have been out and about but have just not been on the blog keeping it up to date.

On 4 July, Murray and Christine had some good friends visiting from NZ and they were keen to take a trip with me so we drove into central London to collect them from their hotel and then set off to see some lovely English villages. Wild flowersThe 'tour' started at Denham then Chalfon't St Giles, Old Amersham and Wendover where they had chocolate cake and coffee and I had water.

On to Startop End, where they had lunch and I had water; then Aldbury; back through Chesham and Beaconsfield, where I had more water and they had nothing; and finally to return John and Robyn to their hotel in London. We all had a great time.

The RV8 joins me for a whileToday we did not venture quite so far afield, just a little way north, nearly to St Albans where the Future Gardens have recently opened. The wild flowers on the drive in were simply fantastic.

Over the fence but down a long country lane is the Royal National Rose Society garden were I was met by one of my more modern My thirsty radiator and the wild flowerscousins, an RV8, then it was home again for another fill of water.

Murray has purchased a new thermostat and housing and will get that fitted soon so hopefully that will stop me boiling away my water so rapidly and reduce the need for the contual filling of my radiator will cease.

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