Sunday, May 23, 2010

2010 Y Spring Run

It is that time of the year again when I and all the other old gals get together with our owners and have our Spring Run.

This year it was a little further away from home base but Murray was confident we could make it there OK so early Saturday morning we set off for Ledbury, over 120 miles from home.  We set off on a route that Murray had planned along the backroads and lanes to keep us well away from the motorways and other busy roads. All was going well until about 75 miles into the journey I started my old trick of losing power and it was clear to Murray that we were not going to make the distance.

Murray made a quick call to Noel at Bewley Motors and discussed the situation and as a result had a look at the points gap.  it was clearly wildly wrong so Murray adjusted the gap and went to tighten the screw to ensure the gap did not alter again, only to discover that the screw thread was stripped.

A little lateral thinking had him swap the two screws on the points plate as one is only a fulcrum and therefore does not need to be tight whilst the other one does require being fully tightened. Fortunately the other screw thread was fine and the trick worked.

However, Murray then discovered that my hight temsion lead had fallen out of the coil. After a bit more work both issues were resolved and we were off again, making it to Ledbury without further incident and well in time for Murray & Christine to go off and enjoy their dinner with the other Y Type owners.

Early Sunday morning saw us all assembled at the start point of the run which was to end at Berrington Hall.  As the end point was even further away from London than Ledbury, Murray and Christine left the others partway through the run and we headed back to London on a gloriously warm day.

We stopped here and there for me to take a breather and for them to get some lunch and finally arrived home tired and happy after an enjoyable weekend. 

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