Sunday, May 9, 2010

Regency Run

MGs on the Front wit the pier behindEvery year, for last 27 anyway, The MG Car Club and MG Owners Club have arranged a run from the Brooklands Motor Museum in London to Brighton. In previous years this has clashed with the Y Register Spring Run so we have never made it. This year the Spring Run is later so Murray booked us on the Regency Run.

The oldest MG in the world, hard on my heelsWe headed down to Brooklands for the start and found, to our surprise, that we were the only Y Type among the 309 MGs that were making the run. I purred my way down along the marked route and we joined the other cars parked in a special area on the Brighton Parade along the foreshore.

After I had cooled down and Murray & Christine had enjoyed their picnic lunch we set off back to London via the byways and small villages.

Recovering under a tree at White DownOur stop on the way back was to be White Down where Christine had been told there was a great display of Bluebells. White Down was on the London side of the North Downs and the road up from Abinger Hammer was an 18% gradient. Boy, was I glad to take a break when we got to the car park, the hill was quite a struggle.

Me on Brighton ParadeSo I sat under a lovely tree and cooled down while Murray & Christine went and wandered through the Bluebells. Then it was time to head home and use my new lights as it was getting dark by the time we finally arrived. The round trip was nearly 200 miles and I performed very well.

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