Sunday, May 11, 2008

Y Register Spring Run 2008

Peter's YA, Bill's VA and me, ready to rollFor the first time we were going to join the Y Register Spring Run, an event held in May each year. Last year was the first time that the Run had extended into the Saturday with a dinner to start the proceedings. As it had been such a success, in spite of the disastrous weather, they decided to repeat the pattern this year.

The dinner was held at Stratton House Hotel and 50 MG owners and passengers attended and stayed the night. Next morning we were joined by another bunch of MGs until there were 35 cars in all.

Take a look under the bonnet of Alan Pratt's little beautyI counted 11 YAs – like me; 3 YTs, the open top, tourer version; 15 YBs, the later version like me; a J2; a PA; a VA; a TA; TC and TF. It transpired that I was the third oldest Y series there but the PA was 18 years older than me.

Some of the cars had been the recipients of some fairly expensive dollops of tender loving care and beauty treatment and they simply glowed: Roy Clapham’s 1950 YA and Alan Pratt’s 1953 YB were simply stunning, I was quite jealous. All the non-Y series MGs were also beautifully turned out, a credit to their respective owners.

Having  break at FairfordShortly after 11 we set off with a route book to find our way to Kelmscott Manor by the most convoluted route leading us along leafy lanes, through twee towns and beside berms blooming with wildflowers.

There were a few cars with bonnets open along the route but eventually, I think, all made it to Kelmscott where we had the run of the place as it was opened especially for the Run.

The cool shade was most invitingWhile our drivers went off and had a look at the Manor, which gained fame as a summer home of William Morris, (now there’s a connection with a grand name!) we all sat in the shade of the trees around the car park and had a breather before we headed of in various different directions back to our homes.

Two YAs, two YTs a PA and a TCMurray, again kept an eagle eye on my water level, and even emptied a couple of bottles of Holt’s Radweld into my radiator, to see if that would plug any minor leaks as it is clear there is still a problem somewhere.

But – the good news is – I made it home all by myself. Not a single call to the AA. 40 miles from the Hotel to Kelmscott; and then another 75 to home, and not a glitch. Murray was very proud of me.

There are more pictures of the weekend here.

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