Thursday, May 8, 2008

Braking the bank

While I was in with the boys at Bewley Motors, Murray asked them to take a look at my brakes as he felt that they were more spongy than usual.

Just as well he did. Two brake cylinders were leaking brake fluid all over the brake shoes and one other cylinder was developing a leak. Now, as you know, brakes work by using friction and brake fluid on the brake shoes provides a lubricant rather than friction: not a desirable outcome.

So, although my previous owner also had the brake cylinders on all four wheels replaced, my lack of use in the intervening 12 months meant that the seals had failed.

So, it was time for new brake shoes on two wheels, the four brake cylinders in the wheels to be reconditioned with new seals etc and the 500-mile running-in service.

This service entailed the running-in oil being changed for regular oil and that meant the oil filter being changed. However, original oil filters are no longer available so a conversion kit had to be fitted.

My tappet clearances were checked and the cylinder head bolts re-torqued after the initial settling down period.

Then, naturally, the reason I was back in the garage; my dynamo was replaced under warranty as it was brand new at the time my engine was re-built.

Finally, Murray had the lads fit an electronic ignition kit from Jolley Engineering.
The end result is that not only do I start better, I also stop better. Murray was amazed at how good my brakes could actually be; he had never experienced decent braking since he first acquired me.

Murray is making muttering noises about the costs of keeping high-maintenance women. I am sure I don't know what he means.

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