Sunday, May 18, 2008

Off to a Show

Lined up with my contemporariesToday was the Chiltern Hills Vintage Vehicle Rally at a little place called Weston Turville, some 33 miles northwest of home.

We set out bright and early and arrived just before the official opening and already there was quite Using my handy 'picnic table' boota queue of cars waiting to register on the day.

While it was called a vintage rally there were only about a dozen true vintage vehicles; but there were at least a hundred older than me. Then there were a couple of hundred of my sort of era and plenty more modern classics. A Ford affords a different perspective
As well as all the cars there were dozens of military vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, tractors and a few traction engines that had puffed in under their own steam.

I suspect that the organisers got a few more than they expected, given the fine weather, as when we arrived vehicles were being parked in logical groups. A particulary fine '51 TDLater arrivals were simply slotted in anywhere there was a space.

There were a number of MGs in the crowd but I was the only Y Series representative.

P.S. Did not talk to an AA man all day!

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