Saturday, May 17, 2008

I won Murray an Award

(But I am not sure that I should be proud of the fact.)

At each Y Register Spring Run an Award is given to an individual who against all diversity has made a huge effort before and during the run. It is known as the Dennis Doubtfire Piston Broke Award.

The citation that went with the award said:
`As most of you know one of our intrepid couples ventured to Stratton following a certain amount of adversity en route. They set out from London at 900 on Saturday morning but broke down after just 2 miles due,it transpired to a failure on a newly installed electronic ignition system. They were taken back to the garage by Relay. Problem duly fixed (fitting the original system) they set out once more..but a futher problem arose. Anyhow,putting this all behind them they motored on to Stratton and arrived at 600pm - a mere 9 hours! So in the face of so much adversity they are indeed worthy winners of the Piston Broke award!'

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