Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wimbledon Windmill

Moring tea at Wimbledon CommonToday's run, although relatively short at 14 miles, was not without incident. Murray and Christine had decided to visit Wimbledon Common, almost due south down the A219. All was going well until we got stuck in the traffic at Putney about three miles short of the destination. It was a warmish day and all the idling and stop-start driving must have been too much for me as I overheated and boiled dry.

Wimbledon WindmillWith some very strange noises from under the bonnet Murray only just made it around a corner and off the busy main road before I gave up completely. This time, rather than call the AA, he simply waited until I had cooled down a bit, topped up my radiator and we were off again.

Going home in the afternoon was trouble-free and I still had a good supply of water in the radiator when we returned home. All very odd, really

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