Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Murray and Christine ended their Sunday at Highclere Castle where there was a gathering of Jaguar cars.

It was a totally miserable wet day for all the enthusiasts who had turned out in their lovely XK open sports cars for the XK Register 40th Anniversary. Naturally there were many more models represented including some pre-war SS cars, before they adopted the Jaguar name.
MG YASS 100 Saloon
Murray is convinced that the Y designers had a picture of a 1938 SS 100 Saloon pinned above the drawing board as they crafted the transformation of the Morris 8 body shell into the Y saloon.

The similarities are striking and although the SS 100 is bigger, longer, lower, and somewhat more curvaceous, given the fact that there was very little that could be changed with the passenger cabin section of the Morris 8, the designers did a grand job of stealing the looks of the SS 100 and making an affordable sports saloon for the driver whose pockets were not quite so deep. We even both have sun-roofs!

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