Saturday, July 5, 2008

Buckinghamshire beckons

Collecting elder flowersReturning from last weekend’s Naviscat, Murray was increasingly concerned about a worrying vibration that was making driving unpleasant.

However, he needed to do a bit more detective work to try and pin down the conditions under which this vibration occurred so he and Christine set off for Buckinghamshire to visit a few places and enjoy the country lanes.

Parked at Long CrendonWe stopped in at Beaconsfield, Princes Risborough and Long Crendon before wending our way back home. While out and about, Murray stopped to collect some elder flowers to make elderflower cordial.

All the while the vibration was getting steadily worse and I had to be driven at slower and slower speeds to keep it under control.

Naturally Murray will take me back to see the lads at Bewley Motors next week.

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