Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lost in the post

The replacement regulator got lost in the post and did not arrive until yesterday. Murray collected me today Peter Arnell's YB by nightand now my battery charge meter is well into the positive region so hopefully my electrical troubles are over.

While in the garage, the last of my brand new tyres and tubes were fitted. When that was first attempted, one of the new tubes exploded nearly scaring the wits out of James, the mechanic. The tube was replaced and has been waiting for a suitable time to be fitted.

Nuffield PlaceThe delay in the arrival of the regulator meant that I missed the opportunity to join Murray and Christine on a visit to Nuffield Place on Sunday.

Nuffield Place was the home of Lord and Lady Nuffield, formerly Mrs & Mrs William Morris; the man behind the Morris and M.G. motorcars. Ultimately it was not only Morris but Austin, Riley and Wolseley that entered the Morris fold.

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