Monday, June 9, 2008

Another eventful weekend

Picnic time againMurray thought it would be a good idea for another shakedown run out into the countryside on Saturday so came out to give me a whirl but absolutely nothing happened when he tried the starter button; nada, zip, zero.

So, off to Halfords for some cheap jumper leads, connected me to his other car and presto, I was up and running. The odd CitroensAfter a couple of miles we had to stop to get some fuel and when he came to start me again, not a peep, not a sausage, not a bean.

Since we were not far from home, and far too embarrassed to call the AA once again, he caught a bus back and returned with his other car. Out with the jumpers and I was off again.

The muscle carsFancy having to be assisted by a modern car, and a French one to boot, twice in one morning.

So, that was the end of their run into the country, instead it was a run back to Bewley Motors where John fitted a new battery and my starting troubles were over. Unfortunately so was the sunshine for the day, so no run in the country.

Upstaged by the bearsSunday morning we all went up to Luton to the Luton Festival of Transport: a great collection of vintage, classic, muscle and weird cars as well as a few trucks, buses, motorcycles and military vehicles but the vehicle that seemed to turn most heads was a Model T Ford driven by a couple of bears.

A grand old lady in front of a grander older placeLeaving the car show we jaunted across the countryside to Hatfield where Murray and Christine had a look around Hatfield House before we returned to London.

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