Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm home again

BeforeMurray came to Bewley Motors this morning and collected me: it has been a long time.

I now have a totally rebuilt engine, new clutch, new dynamo, new regulator and various other new bits and pieces. However, I have developed a split in my muffler so, although it is not too bad at the moment, I will need to have it looked at soon.

AfterMurray has to look after me and make sure my 'new' engine is run-in properly: the oil has to be changed in 300 miles and various bolts need to be checked and tightened etc. He took me for a 50 mile run this morning and is very pleased with the result of all the work that has gone on under my bonnet.

The good thing is that spring is here and it will soon be time to be out and about in the countryside.

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