Sunday, February 17, 2008

My history

Murray had an interesting package in the mail this weekend from the DVLA. He had hoped to find out, from the ownership transfer record, just how many miles I have travelled in my long and interesting life.

Unfortunately the only mileage figure recorded on any of the transfer documents in the papers he received was the one he recorded when be became my owner. So much for that!

The most amazing piece of information that Murray gleaned from the papers was the fact that my first “careful lady owner”, who owned me for 36 years from new, was named Clara, the very name he and Christine gave to me. How amazing is that?

Clive, a previous ownerSince I was purchased in that period after WWII when things were pretty tight in Britain it is probably fair to assume that Mrs Taylor was not fresh out of school when she drove me out of the dealer’s showroom and, since she owned me for so long, he wonders if she only sold me when she could no longer drive. Maybe, one day, he will find out.

One interesting fact is that, when I was driven out of the showroom, I was maroon; my change of colour seems to have happened in 2001 with the next owner (not counting the dealer who had me on his lot for 3 months).

The work goes onThat owner was a Mr Cook, who owned me for 16 years and sold me in 2002. In the 5 years since I left Mr Cook, I have had 4 other owners before Murray. That makes two owners for 42 years and then 5 in the next 5 years. Given the investment Murray is making under my bonnet, I think he will be another long-term owner. The reality is that I have been under repair now for longer than the last two owners, put together, owned me!

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