Saturday, July 21, 2007

Finally, we get to go on an outing!

Although John still has a couple of bits and pieces to sort out, he had my brakes all fixed so Murray & Christine could take me out for a spin in the country. England is being deluged at the moment, even though it is meant to be summer, so it was a case of dodging the rain.Enjoying some rare sunshineAll in all, we managed to do so quite successfully and enjoyed a pleasant drive around the Denham area.

We stopped for lunch at a small picnic area near the Denham airfield and then set off for home by way of the Bayhurst Wood Country Park. It was all a bit damp and dismal so we did not stay long, simply headed for home.

Murray gave me a wash and dry and wrapped me up in my snug new cover with just a few minutes to spare before the deluge returned.Snug and dry as the rain pours down

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