Sunday, July 22, 2007

Guests join us for a picnic

Chalfont St GilesAlthough great swathes of southern England were under floodwaters, the London area enjoyed a rare dose of sunshine so Murray & Christine decided it was time for another picnic, this time with guests.

Stuart and Ngaire arrived and we all set off to the northwest, stopping first at Chalfont St Giles. After that it was off to a picnic spot near Amersham where I had a rest while they enjoyed their lunch.

Picnic spotAfter driving through Amersham Old Town, a common backdrop to ‘Midsommer Murders’ we carried on to Wendover. They had coffee and I got another radiator top up. Murray is a bit concerned about the amount of water he has had to replenish on this short run so is going to speak to John about that and also the number of times that there was a strong smell of petrol. He wasn’t too happy about this new development.

At one stop, he had to screw the nut on the top of my carburettor back on, as it had worked completely loose, but even after that there was still the occasional strong petrol smell.

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