Friday, November 19, 2010

A brand new me

A few weeks ago Murray took me over to Leading Roding in Essex to see Jason Waller and the team at Classic and Sports Cars who were the people who reconditioned my engine nearly three years ago.

The experts there flushed my radiator and adjusted my tappets, checked and changed the timing and generally gave me the “once over”.  Just after telling Murray I was ready to be collected the observant lads noticed a water leak from the rear of my engine.  Unfortunately, there was no way to locate or, indeed, fix the leak without completely removing my engine.

So they set about that, took out my engine and installed it in a test rig, located the leak and replaced the faulty gasket then had to re-install my engine and make sure it was all just as it should be.  When they were sure all was OK the called Murray again and he came over today to collect me.

We then drove around 60 miles up to my winter hotel near Milton Keynes and Murray was extremely impressed with the way I was running after Jason and the team had worked their magic.

Trolling along the dual-lane roads at 60mph was no problem and there was not a sign of my radiator boiling and after a fairly brisk run of that length there was nothing in the radiator overflow bottle that Murray had installed back in May.

The lads at Classic and Sports Cars clearly know their stuff and Murray was very impressed with the results. 

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gregson20 said...

i had an mg ya in 1957 reg no KXJ 913,i am getting a 1950 mg ya next week so i can regain my youth [some hope!],good to see next reg no to my old one,i don't know where it is now or is it is still going. all the best Jim Gregson.