Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Home again, is it summer already?

Murray came and got me from the car hotel this morning and look what I found in my carpark when I got home!

Apparently she is called Crystal. “Crystal”!!! What sort of poncey new-age name is that for a car? She has probably got power steering, ABS brakes, air-conditioning, air-bags, seat belts and all sorts of other stuff that we real girls never had and don’t need. These modern things … I don’t know.

She’s a 58 reg; 58 years younger than me – will she keep her looks for 58 years and turn heads the way I do? I guess I may not be around to find out.

Her older siblings were prone to head gasket failure (HGF) but that apparently has nothing to do with the letters on her number plate.

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