Monday, June 18, 2007

A new chapter begins

Today was a milestone in my life as I got some new owners, so it seemed like a good day to start this blog.

My previous owner had put me up for adoption after his hip gave out and he could no longer drive me comfortably.

Last Saturday, a rather nice couple came to see me and on first sight seemed very pleased with what they saw. The nice lady fell in love with my cream tones and contrasting red leather trim and the man, who is also an MG, seemed to make all the right noises.

They took me for a short drive around the car park and ooohed and aaahed but then surprisingly left. I found out later that that the man who was looking after the business of finding me a new home had made a mistake over my age and the couple, who had driven all the way from London to Birmingham to look me over, were really wanting a 1951 and I was created in 1950.

Anyway, it seems that my fabulous looks won them over and they had second thoughts about leaving me and changed their minds.

Back in London, they connected to the adoption web site (ebay, I think they called it) and made my previous owner an offer he couldn’t refuse, so I am off to start a new adventure with these new people.

They have christened me ‘Clara’. It seems that her grandma was called Clarissa and his father was called Clarry so, it is sort of a family name. I guess I’ll get used to it in time.

They are going to come back and get me in a couple of week’s time and I am looking forward to us all getting to know one another better.

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